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UNNS – The Captivation (Book Review)

​"Sometimes, it's worth living the dreams, tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound. Sometimes, it's worth completing what they stood for. That is the best gift you can give to the... Continue Reading →

The Flame Of Anahata (Book Review)

​Anahata... The miracle that can move mountains,  The Marvel that can pass through the storm like a breeze, The strength that lets you touch the skies, The divinity that can mend the broken hearts, The light that can guide you... Continue Reading →

The Day Before… I Died (Book Review)

​The Day Before... I Died is all about love, betrayal and hope. Hope makes all things possible. All of us have our own shares of joys and sorrow. It all depends on our jurisdiction and how we face it. The real... Continue Reading →

@Dreams (Book Review)

​"Enthusiasm is a key ingredients in the pursuit of your dreams. Be enthusiastic, Be passionate and keep your dreams always in your mind. Your every breathe should remind you about your dreams."  - Jogi (@Dreams) Dreams is the most fascinating... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Genie (Book Review)

​Once Upon A Genie, the title itself indicates that this book has something different from the other stories. While picking up a fantasy fiction, every book lover looks for something which is unique and interesting. And, the story of Daisy,... Continue Reading →

Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins (Book Review)

​A quest to identify seven deadly sins  A mystery behind seven keys that were passed to seven men  A deadly race against time to seek atonement  Blurb: On the outskirts of New York City, Jim Morgan, an international bestselling author... Continue Reading →

The Twirled November (Book Review)

​A cute story which starts with fun, friendship and family takes us towards love and romance, ends up happily with some suspense and surprise. It also gives us a good lesson at the end that any misunderstanding in friendship and... Continue Reading →

Turning Back Time (Book Review)

​When people we love pass away, they only take their presence with them. They have their memories with us. Blurb: The story revolves around Alia, an emotionally distant woman, and how the lives of four elderly strangers impact her own... Continue Reading →

Vo Ajeeb Ladki (Book Review)

​कुछ किताबें ऐसी होती हैं जो धीरे-धीरे लोगों के बीच एक दूसरे के माध्यम से पहुँचती है लेकिन ये किताबें अपनी रचना से लोगों पर एक अमिट छाप छोड़ते हुए सबके बीच अपनी एक पहचान बना लेती है। कुछ खूबियों... Continue Reading →

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