Book Review – The Prince Of Patliputra

Name- The Prince Of Patliputra
Author- Shreyas Bhave

According to the Sanskrit text ‘Mudrarakshasa’, 4 centuries before Christ, Chandragupta Maurya rose from the ashes of a devastated Northwest after the Greek Invasion and became the Samrat of the whole of Bharathvarsha after overthrowing the Nanda Empire and uniting the Rajyas of Aryas under his rule. It is said, that he was helped by a Brahmin teacher from Taxila called Chanakya. 50 years later, according to the
Buddhist text ‘Asokabadana’, his grandson Asoka became the Samrat after overpowering ninety nine of his own brothers and established his dominion over the whole of the Indian subcontinent. It is said that he was helped by a minister from Patliputra called Radhagupta.

About the Book:
This book is a historical fiction about Samrat Chandragupta and Samrat Ashoka. It tells how they got the thrones. This book has everything in it; battles, victories, betrayal, politics, romance and intelligence. The narration is incredible and the story-telling is awesome. It binds you every time and force you to finish the book as soon as possible. Some paragraphs make it more interesting. One of which I liked is,

“If you have read the Arthashastra, a sudden death of any Raja is a good thing. It does not give the vassals time enough to plot their independence. And before they are able to plot, a successor is in place as the new Raja. Long may his rule be!”

And many more like this are there in the book. Every fiction readers like such contents.


The book has been written as chapterwise which makes it more interesting. It is connected to the historical roots of India. At the start, the author has introduced about each character separately which is very good. My favorite character was Arya Chankya. His intelligence will always amuse you. And, many such good charachars are there. The author must have done a lot of research and hardwork. It seems he has a lot of knowledge and interest in history. He has written so beautifully that you can imagine every sentence and incident in your mind or it seems you are watching it. From the start, you will feel like it is like game of thrones. Yes, I can say that it is an Indian version of game of thrones. So, this book is quite interesting and heart-touching. After reading this, you may become fan of the writing of Shreyas Bhave. He has described everything incredibly. I’ll recommend this to every reader either he likes this type of books or not. I’ll also wait for the next book of the author which is “The Scourge from Taxila”.

My ratings: 4/5

Link to buy online-

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