Are our laws enough to provide safety to the girls?

​Yes, the laws in our constitution are enough to protect the girls. By saying this we cannot ignore that the laws have failed in the main purpose. So, I think the main question arises here is that, are the laws enough to protect the girls or we need to do something more on our level?

The Indian Constitution has many laws to serve the following purpose. But unfortunately due to lack of public awareness and improper implementation most of the laws and rules have failed. Injustice and crimes against the girls and women happen every minute in India and there is no any doubt that they are unsafe, whether it is at the workplaces or public places. There are many laws and acts which assure for justice but fail to do so because many of us and the most girls are not aware about these laws. One more concerning thing is that most of the acts comes into action after the injustice has been done. Yes, these acts do punish the culprit but these are not very successful in frightening them before doing so. Noone has fear of these laws or they are unaware about them. One thing is also that these are not so strict so that they think before doing any injustice like eve teasing, child marriage, dowry, improper police procedure, unequal wages, succession of property, domestic violence etc. Not only rape and murder are concerning problems but these are also the major problems which come in between the protection of girls. If we strict our laws for these injustices then one will have to think hundred times before doing so and we will read reports of injustice against the girls in newspaper daily.
Except these changes things, there is also a main problem which is obstacle in providing equal rights and proper safety for the girls. And this is the poor mentality and bad mind-set of some people who are still living in the era of 20th century and they do not want to move on. Many of them are in power or a part of government as leaders whose thinking is very still to change. So, Not Only the laws will not provide safety and better environment for girls but also we have change our mentality. Why men are not unsafe? Because we don’t think like that as we think in the case of women. Thus, celebrating the women’s will not change the scenario. We all have to act for bringing this change.
As a human beings and good citizens of the country, we have a fundamental duty to contribute towards bringing an environment to ensure dignity and respect for women and girls so that they can also enjoy their human rights and fundamental rights with sense of pride, freedom and confidence. To ensure this at every level the society must work together to give an edge to the solution.
In other words, we need to take action not by force but by will to make our country more secure and safe for our better halves and bring up reforms in the desired direction so that woman can also enjoy their freedom and rights ,and feel more empowered and fearless ,as entrusted by the Supreme law of the land.
Hence, it is clear that the laws are enough but we have to many more reforms and actions to ensure safety of the girls in India.

Hillary Clinton has said this.


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