Good Times Bad Times (Book Review)

​”Life is too short to wait, plan and postpone. What you feel can be done tomorrow may not be done at all. Death is the bitter truth, and the one who postpone his dreams of living may end up not living at all.”

This is the story of Jonathan, a young boy from Mumbai who bids farewell to his corporate job and comforting lifestyle in order to complete his father’s death wish. His surprising encounters with people from different walks of life helps him to change his view point about life and adore the bad phase as one essential element in life. 

The Good Times, Bad Times is a novel about the significant wisdom of living life to the fullest and, above all, rising above ones fear by facing them.

About the Story

Good times Bad times is the story of a young boy, his father’s death wish and his quest to find solace in the solitude that changed his life. This is a very simple story but most of us can relate ourselves to this. And it is the best thing about a book when readers feel attached to the story. This is not only a story of a son who wants to fulfill the last wish of his father but it is also a story of a young man who finds himself when he comes out from his hectic routine job. Jonathan (the main character of this book) symbolizes each and every one of us. Like him we all are on some quest and we desire to live the way that satisfies our soul. Life has pushed Jonathan to rise above the comfort zone and look for real purpose of his living.

“Inform Simran about my death.” These were the last words of Jonathan’s father to him. He had lost his mother at an early age. He was a middle-class boy and since his father expired, he was managing the entire house alone. After hearing a funeral speech somewhere, he could not just separate himself from the death wish of his father. He had no clue who Simran was. Somehow he got some hints from the father’s certificates and photographs. He guessed that Simran might be from Goa.Who is this Simran? His father had no siblings, so he preferred to assume Simran might be his father’s friend till he solved the mystery. To solve this mystery and fulfill his father’s last wish, he decided to go Goa and resigned his job in Mumbai. What happened next is worth reading! How much it took him to find Simran? Did he able to find Simran? And many such questions and twists are very interesting to know. The period between the journey from Mumbai to Goa and coming back to Mumbai was life changing time for him. Is this Good times or bad times? To know this you should read this book.
My Review

The story is simply perfect and worth reading. It is an inspirational story for all the youths. Jonathan met many different kinds of people during his unknown journey and each one of them taught a lesson of life to him. The writer’s work is appreciable and he has successfully penned a good story with interesting twists and surprises. These things binds the reader till the end. But at the end of the book it feels that the story slow down but a perfect happy ending makes it worth reading. The writer has succeed in his intention and has wrote a heart-touching story which motivates us and we can learn various important things about life how we should handle any situation. This novel is full of many inspirational lines as I have written one at the top. Cover of the book is pretty good. Narration is also engaging. Language is easy and good. Thanks to the author for such a nice story.

My Rating: 9/10

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More About This Book:

Title- Good Times Bad Times

Author- Chetan Dalvi 

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Publisher- Half Baked Beans

No. of Pages- 120

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