Turning Back Time (Book Review)

​When people we love pass away, they only take their presence with them. They have their memories with us.


The story revolves around Alia, an emotionally distant woman, and how the lives of four elderly strangers impact her own very deeply, bringing about a change in the way she treats herself and those around her. As the clock begins to tick and they each start to die, leaving their stories behind for her to learn from, she finds that the depression and trauma caused by their loss have left with her the gift of a lifetime… Realization. In the tale of life, death and the ride in between, where there are always mistakes and never second chances, there is only one question. Can you make it through without regrets?

About The Story:

This is a story of a young girl who learns the precious lessons about the life from the stories of four senior citizens of an old age home. She is not a typical girl. She was living with her mother since when her passed away. Her mother worked as a teacher in local school and earned quite a bit herself. Alia also worked two jobs. The first was as a caretaker at a private children’s day care centre and her second job was at an old age home where she gave the elderly company and took care of some senior citizens. The job was very demanding and stressful. She worked very hard and wanted to save some money. She stopped her mother from spending more on not useful things. She was quite very busy in work and hardly spend some time with her mother. Once she met Mayank, a youngster like her. She treats the senior citizens at old age home like her grandparents. And Raman, Hema, Girish and Sita also love her a lot. They understand her and want her to learn from their stories. They don’t want that she repeats the same mistakes as they did. Raman gave Alia his diary before he died. The diary told the Raman’s story. And he tried to teach her that we should not only focus on work and money. Family matters more than these and we should give our time to the family. Similarly, Other three also taught something good by their stories before they died. Thus, there are total five stories to read for us. Four by these elders and One is Alia’s story. And, these stories are worth reading. It is also very interesting to read how these lessons affected the life of Alia and her love life too. So, Her four grandparents has given her more valuable lessons than sge could have ever hoped to learn in a lifetime. These are also valuable for us. What are these? To know this you should go for this book. The author has written some beautiful lines. Here’s one of those: 

“Her every kiss was like a sweet bullet to his heart and he was being wonderfully wounded by love.”

My Review:

The plot is unique and traditional way of story telling feels good to read. The author has written about some serious issues of our society like harassment, discrimination, hatred and love too in those stories of senior citizens. She has opted to write something different and has done her job extremely well. The language is simple and engaging. And, narration is perfect for such story. The title is exciting and perfect. The cover of the book is nice and it suggests that this book has something different within it. This book teaches many things to reader and the author deserves a thanks for this. If I talk about some negative points, then there is hardly some. But Some stories are very common and a little slow. Some readers may not find it interesting as it is something different from what most of the readers want to read. Except these minor glitches everything looks good. We should read such kind of books. After reading it will remain in your mind for long. It teaches good lessons and motivates us. So, My ratings is 4/5 for such a nice book.

About The Author:

Shravya Gunipudi, a 23 year old CA and CS, has been writing ever since the tender age of nine. Now, more than a decade since her first journey with the pen, she has won numerous prizes for her Articles, Short Stories and Poetry. Shravya wishes to explore her passion both in Finance and Writing. It is her dream to merge her creative side with her analytical one. Writing, she believes, is the best form of expression that calms the mind and frees the soul. Her favorite quote is  Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about

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More About This Book:

  • No. of Pages- 196
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