The Twirled November (Book Review)

​A cute story which starts with fun, friendship and family takes us towards love and romance, ends up happily with some suspense and surprise. It also gives us a good lesson at the end that any misunderstanding in friendship and relationship can be sort out only if we talk about it to eachother. 

Book Trailer:

Krish got attracted to ‘Avantika’ from the first day he saw her. They were very happy in their life. Suddenly the girl that Krish wanted to accompany him on his journey back home reappears as Avantika’s cousin ‘Kanak’. He started getting attracted to her. Avantika got to know about them and now she has to choose between her own happiness and the Kanak’s. The fate was questioning their relationship. Harry and Smriti tried their hell out to make them understand but all in vain. Is it their Love? Or it was just an attraction? Or it’s obsession? The answer lies within them…

My Review: 

This novel is perfect read for a journey or a time when you have to nothing to do. This is a common and average story but something that make it different from others is the support which Krish and Avantika get from their parents. It is very rare to see but it feels amazing when you know about such cases. The author has perfectly characterised every characters.
The way friends and family played an important role in the relationship between Krish and Avantika is amazing and one of the best part of this love story. You should go for this if you like a lite story with fun, drama, love, romance and some surprises. The beginning is perfect and interesting but as the story progresses it slows down in middle. Some chapters are unnecessarily included and are not so interesting. Narration is engaging. The author has done a good job. Editing has some minor glitches. But it doesn’t affect the story. Cover is awesome but the title doesn’t relate to the story very much. And, My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

Some Beautiful Lines:

‘Love’ is to find happiness in the happiness of the person we love. It’s not always necessary that we must end up being with the person we love but sometimes we have to sacrifices our own happiness for the one we love.

About The Author:

Krishna K Verma is from Bihar. He did his graduation from University of Calcutta and PG from SMU. He started writing when he was in second year of his college. Cooking, traveling and music are his favourite hobbies in addition to sitting in verandah, sipping coffee and let his imaginary world make its way through the ink of ballpen and fall on his diary.

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More About This Book:

  • Publisher- Inked Company Publishing
  • No. of pages- 154
  • Buy Online- Order it from Amazon

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