Demons In My Mind – When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy (Book Review)

​”Our minds are what create illusions of faith to achieve their purpose. If God is considered to be one of the many forms of faith, then a controlled mind will create God to unite people and extend peace. A helpless mind will create God in times of sorrow and loneliness. An uncontrolled mind will kill people in the name of God.” 

– Aashish Gupta (Demons In My Mind)

Aashish Gupta says that small battles with the mind every day turned into big unceasing wars. This book is dedicated to those who are fighting similar wars with the mind. The author want to tell them, no one can understand our struggles better than us. This book is a message that you are not alone.

Is your mind under your control? Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing and life transformation. He discovers they are no saints, but hardened criminals. The three monks – Rizwan, Murli, Joseph – narrate stories of unprecedented savagery that would make even the most cold-hearted criminals look down with shame. 

The dark stories of the three monks leave Dakshesh gasping, but there is something about their dishonourable lives that relieves Dakshesh from his pain.

We all know that behind every saint or criminal there is a story that why they choose such life. There is reason why there are so or why they did any crime? Demons in my mind is a psychological thriller which is very well written by Aashish Gupta. The author has successfully presented what he want to. After reading this story, I sat and lost in my thoughts. And, finally I could say that yes these things can happen. The three man who are monks at present have a dark story from their past. And, what are their story and how they became famous monks from a criminal. It is very interesting to read about them. The title does full justice with the book and the story. The plot is captivating and descriptive narration makes this book a must read for all of us. This not a common or regular story. The author has done a great job by telling us such stories. You may like or dislike the stories but it will force you to think once about it that how one can become prey of his own mind which is uncontrollable. So, this is really a worth reading book. Despite being a dark read, it reveals some dark truth of our society and tries to teach us many important things. This is really a great work by an Indian author and I’ll say a big thanks to Aashish Gupta. My Rating for this book is 4.5/5.

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