Book Review – I Am Not Nitin

​”A name not only represents a tag for recognition but it represents hope; hope of parents; hope of society. A name is just not a name, it is much more.” 

– Nitin Srivastava (I am not Nitin).

 This is the second book of Nitin Srivastava. ‘The God Factor – For Success and Contentment’ was his first book. He has interest in writing on the topic of spirituality and motivation. Spirituality is always his basic quest. This book as well as the first book, is also concerned with spirituality.

About The Book:
A question, ‘who am I?’ has always bothered me. This always remained the real and the biggest quest. I love this question. And in search of the answer I am writing this book. Maybe some day or other I will receive the answer. Excellent is the question. Excellent should be the answer. But whatever be the answer, I am sure about one thing: I am not Nitin. This is the search in this book. Those who identify with my quest will surely want to read this book, and I am hoping that by reading, they will find their search becomes more authentic. So, this is not only my search but it is search of everyone.


This is not only a spiritual but also an inspirational book. Somewhere we always  bother about our real identification, ‘Who am I’? And if you also think about this question and this book will help you a lot. The author has explained everything like a teacher or guru. This book consists of four chapters The Quest, The Utility, The Curtain and The Beyond. And in these four parts, The author has tried to explain everything single by stories, philosophy and his real experiences. Some paragraph motivated me a lot and after reading i learnt many new things. The author has written it very well and it has many beautiful and inspirational lines. The narration is good and language is easy. But sometimes repeated description disturb while reading but that’s only demerit i found in this book. The cover is catchy and awesome. And the best thing is that it is one sitting read. I took one and half hour to finish it. But i got lost in my thoughts while reading and i liked this thing because the author is successful in forcing to think about some important things which matter in our life. So, My ratings for this book is 4/5.
Some Beautiful Lines from This Book:

‘You are the beyond!’ Beyond everything that you can see or imagine. But to see that beyond, you need an instrument and that instrument is ‘Meditation’.

About The Author:
Nitin Srivastava is basically an engineer, working at the post of Asst. Professor in an engineering college. He started writing as his hidden thirst, as he was interested in writing from the beginning but, not got the time before, because, he had decided to make a career in engineering. After achieving that career, he decided to fulfill his thirst and started writing.

More About This Book:


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