Book Review : 37+ Grace Marks (Fiction Novel)

‘No marks-sheet made in this world tells you about the abilities of a child. If at all, it tells you about a few numbers that will be forgotten sooner or later. There might be a bunch of great scorers in every class. I don’t want you to be one among them. I want you to be a great learner. A mark-sheet is someone else’s way of telling you who you are. But always remember, you are the creator of your own life.’

Vishal Anand (37+ Grace Marks)

Trailer of This Book:
What happens when you fall in love at first sight? That too in college, which is supposed to be the best time of one’s life. But is it the best place to find love too?
Viraj falls head over heels in love with his classmate Nimisha, who could make boys on campus go crazy. While his friends Punit and Sahil just want to have fun – despite poor mark-sheets, grace marks to pass, and other everyday adventures – Viraj wants more from his life and love.
Life has led Viraj to the edge of a cliff. He has a choice to make – to forget everything and jump, or fight. What brought him here? An unrequited love, encounters with law, or the dilemma of grace marks? Where does Viraj’s story eventually end.

From the title of this book, 37+ Grace Marks …because life is beyond numbers, one can easily guess about what the story is. This is Viraj’s journey to discover that there is more to life than marks. What happened with him in this journey and he  learnt from it? How does he tackle everything during this period?

Viraj, the protagonist has narrated this story. He is doing computer engineering from college in Pune. Viraj has told everything that happened with him in those 4-5 years of his college life. How he falls in love Nimisha in the first sight. What happened after that and what he does for the love? How his friends helped him and how he performed in the semestral examination? 

Each chapter of this novel tells a different story related to him. It does not seem like a romantic fiction. It is a simple story of an undergraduate student. But it’s interesting. Some chapters are boring too because those have nothing to do with the story. It has been added to increase the number of pages. Climax of this novel is very interesting like a Bollywood movie. And at last it ends in a happy ending fashion and teaches us a very important thing that Marks does not decide the future of everyone.

But Narration is not up to the mark and as a regular reader I’ll say that there are many novels better than this based on story like this. The author has narrated a common story and these days readers are being fed up of reading same thing from every new authors. They have to understand this thing because everyone is not interested in reading the personal story of an engineer, doctor or anyone’s unless the book contains something different and extraordinary. So, My rating for this book is 3/5.

About The Author:

Vishal Anand is the author of a bestselling short story collection, Emotions Unplugged. His book has not just carved a niche in the readers’ hearts, but has also remained popular since its release. Vishal works with a talent consulting partner to several domestic and international companies. Currently, he lives in Bangalore. 
More About This Book:

Note: This book is provided to me by Arudhaa Club for an honest review.


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