A Symphony of Chance Encounters (Book Review)

“ā€‹A man is not the words he writes. A man is not the places he visits. A man is not the songs he listen to. A man is the solitude of his thoughts, his desires, his anxieties.”

Sayujya Sankar

A Symphony of Chance Encounters is a collection of ten poetries and ten short stories by Sayujya Sankar. The author describes about the different emotions of human in each story and poem.

The world sways to an invisible music. We are the orchestra and our stories its symphony. And our loneliness is a song, which leads us through pasts and presents, towards new friends, and acquaintances… 

That girl on the road swaying to an invisible rhythm… 
That lady at the next table reading a book… 
What’s their music? 
A Symphony of Chance Encounters has suspense, love, rage, passion, contemplation and myriad human emotions sung into its stories. 
A murderess. A child’s relationship with her father. An indifferent author. An unusual friendship. A couple in love. Writers exploring their creations. The fragrance of a new life; a new hope. A woman trapped in a life she does not want – will the rhythm be hers? 
Their tunes merge. Their songs intertwine to create a symphony. 
But, which tune do you sway to? Which melody lingers on your lips? Which story is yours?
About This Book: Each story is a melody in itself – tunes of women and men, youth and adults, and people from all sorts of professions: shop owners, professors, journalists, dancers, construction workers, writers and so on. Often, it is about independent explorers of life – like you and me seeking to map out a world for themselves. It is about their vulnerabilities and strengths, their passions, sorrows and joys.

Review: This is an awesome book by an aspiring writer Sayujya Sankar. She has shown her creativity in writing style and she has an art to connect with the readers through her work. It seems that she has put a lot of efforts to craft every story. Poetries ate also really good and I found them better than stories. The stories are simply good but some of them lack good plots and does leave an impact at the end. And I loved the poem titled ‘A Symphony of Chance Encounters’. So, My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

Some Beautiful lines: 

“There are words 

And there is language,

But in the end

Thereis always silence.”

About The Author: Sayujya is an aspiring writer and an ardent lover of the written word. She currently resides in Chennai and has published a collection of poetry titled A Firefly in the City. She has completed her M. Phil from the University of Hydrabad.

More About This Book: 

  • Title- A Symphony of Chance Encounters
  • Author- Sayujya Sankar
  • Publishers- notionpress.com
  • No. Of Pages– 141
  • Buy Online- From amazon.in


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