@The Click Of Love (Book Review)

​”Life and love are about the journey. There is no agenda. No goalpost to be conquered. It is the moment that counts. Each moment….”
– Preeti Parashar

@The Click of Love is a romantic thriller novel by Preeti Parashar. It is the sublime and intense love story of the ravishing Diane Dupont, an accomplished French photographer and Viren Kapur, the award-winning luminary of Indian photography. It is a story of their undying love, a love that stands the tests of life and triumphs despite a kidnapping, a legal imbroglio and a near-death experience for Diane! It is a journey of their love – A love like no other!

About The Story:

The love of Viren and Diane blossoms while they work on an international project together. Eight years prior, a tantalising encounter between the two in New Delhi, had left them thristing for more. Their hearts had yearned for each other insatiably ever since. However, time takes its toll. They drift apart and each of them gets married. Viren loses his wife shortly thereafter and Diane’s husband moves to the US. But the gleed of love refuses to abate from there beings. When they meet again in Paris their passion run aflame and they seek togetherness. Viren establishes of photography Academy in New Delhi and Diane joins him along with her little daughter Emily. Diane’s husband Henry is none too pleased and chases them to India but their love is surreal and even fate cannot harm it. Diane and Viren tread softly, but surely along the pathway of their love. Their true love wins every battles of their life strongly.


This is a perfect one time read for those who want to read a light and beautiful romantic novel. The story is simply interesting and interguing. There is no too many characters and the focus is always on protagonist Viren and his partner Diane. With every passing moment the love between these two reaches a new height and each event after their reunion in Paris brings them close to each other. While reading till half it feels good and makes the reader happy as the narration is pretty good. In the second half a lot of things happen and the author has described everything perfectly. She has crafted the romantic scenes very wisely and this shows the creativity of the author. But too much romance between Viren and Diane bores sometimes. If author would have included some other incident or character instead of those many romantic moments and created some more suspense then, it would be more interesting as I feel. But I must say it a different kind of love story based on a photography background. One of the best thing about this book apart from the story is the printing. The fonts are big and clear. So, it is very easy to finish a 200+ pages soon. And the story is also fast paced and it is a good page turner. I liked the climax. But as I said, I was looking for some more turns and twists because it becomes predictable story to those who read such book very often. At last, I will must say that Preeti Parashar has done a wonderful job and I’ll wait for her next book for sure. So, My rating for this book is 3.5/5.

A Quote from this book:

“Hope is something that keeps us all going and one should never let down its protective armour from one’s life as one ever knows what’s going to create magic and when.”

About The Author:
Preeti Parashar is a communication and PR professional. She has her roots in Chandigarh and loves the City Beautiful. Preeti is steping into the realm of being an Author with this debut novel. Writing is her passion and she has been expressing her deep inner thoughts in newspapers and poems. Preeti has been a business journalist, is a consultant, trainer, speaker, blogger and a strategist. 

To know more about her, visit www.preetiparashar.com or you can connect her on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/preeti.parashar2

More About This Book:

  • Title- @The Click Of Love
  • Author- Preeti Parashar
  • Publisher- Ferntree Publishing
  • No. Of Pages- 207
  • Buy Online– Order it from Amazon


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